Algae Control + Management

Invasive algae and aquatic weeds are not only unsightly, but can sometimes be a danger to aquatic life and humans depending on the species. They can cause many water quality problems and be a detriment to aquatic ecosystems, while also hiding a lake's true beauty. Properly identifying the target algae and aquatic weeds growing in your pond is an important factor in achieving the desired results. Choosing the right product and applying it at the right rates at the right times will provide you with lasting results. 

Water Quality

Most of the issues lake or pond owners and managers will face can be traced to an imbalance in the water quality. Excess nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen play a key role in causing nuisance pond algae blooms, poor water clarity, foul odors, the health of aquatic life, etc. Dissolved Oxygen, pH, alkalinity and other parameters play an equally important role in the health of the aquatic system.

The chemical and biological oxygen demand on your lake or pond at a given time tells us a lot about current conditions and the likelihood of having issues develop. Most importantly, understanding each of these things and the ratios between them will help you understand where the imbalances exist, and what strategies would best solve the issues caused by these imbalances.


Pond Life Consulting will manage nuisance vegetation and algae growth helping to protect the fragile balance. 

The improved water quality will not only benefit the natural ecosystem but also the pond enthusiast.  With proper maintenance, your water will be more aesthetically pleasing, allow desirable plants to flourish, provide habitat for healthy fish and wildlife, and enhance recreational opportunity. 

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