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AquaMaster Fountains

Our commitment to excellence in design, quality, manufacturing, performance, and customer service is second to none and the key to highly successful results.

Pond Aeration Systems

For applications where water quality improvement is a primary goal, we work with a full array of aeration equipment to accomplish the task.

Pond Management

The chemical and biological oxygen demand on your lake or pond at a given time tells us a lot about current conditions and the likelihood of having issues develop.


Pond Life Consulting strives to be a leader in installation, sales, and service of these amazing pond fountains and aeration systems. If you’ve been dreaming about a pond fountain, a fountain for your business front, or have other fountain or aeration needs, contact Blaine today!


Living pond-side should be a lifestyle
— not a project.


Unique to you.

Floating fountains and aerators are available in a variety of sizes and styles:  surface aerators feature classic v-shaped and volcano patterns whereas floating fountains offer many spray patterns from traditional to elaborate. Optional LED lighting is also available to complete the aesthetic appeal.

Contact Blaine for a consultation and we’ll offer expert guidance in choosing the right fountain or surface aerator for your water.

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Keep it clean.

Aeration helps address a wide range of water quality problems related to excess algal and weed growth, bottom-sludge build-up, unpleasant odors, insect infestation, and unsightly waterscapes. It will also help support a more balanced ecosystem resulting in healthier aquatic life throughout.

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Proven results.

We are committed to providing personalized sales, installation and servicing of AquaMaster products. Whether you are trying to enhance your water quality or create a beautiful water feature, Pond Life Consulting will help you with your custom needs.