For applications where water quality improvement is a primary goal, we work with a full array of aeration equipment to accomplish the task.

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From above surface display models to sub-surface diffused air and mixer/aspirator models, we’ve got it, and we use the high quality products of AquaMaster to get the job done. Remember, Aeration is a natural, environmentally-safe and friendly way to increase dissolved oxygen levels while more thoroughly mixing the water body thus stimulating the natural cleanup process through aerobic digestion.

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Aeration helps address a wide range of water quality problems related to excess algal and weed growth, bottom-sludge build-up, unpleasant odors, insect infestation, and unsightly waterscapes. It will also help support a more balanced ecosystem resulting in healthier aquatic life throughout. A properly sized and placed aeration system will serve as the natural, healthy foundation to your aquatic management program. Allow yourself to consider both aeration and aesthetics when deciding your aquatic management goals. Sometimes the combination of both provide the ultimate solution.

Aesthetic enhancement is easy with the wide range of patterns and horsepower sizes to choose from. Don’t forget LED lighting to further enhance nighttime enjoyment.  


AquaAir Ultra

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