AquaAir Ultra Aerator

AquaAir® Ultra provides ponds and lakes with superior aeration, circulation, and destratification. Dissolved oxygen (DO) levels are increased throughout the entire water column with the use of bottom-mounted diffusers. The diffusers employ a super fine micro-bubble technology resulting in the highest diffuser oxygen transfer rate (OTR) available today. The micro-bubbles draw water from the pond floor to the surface where atmospheric Oxygen is absorbed and then Transferred throughout the water column. Additionally, this process provides excellent deterrence to thermalstratification (layers of different temperature within the water).


The diffusers are connected to a revolutionary design enclosure containing one of four compressor sizes—by self-weighted Super Sink air supply tubing. System sizes range from ⅓ to 2 HP with one to twelve diffusers.

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Lake and Pond Benefits

• Entire water column circulation - up to 4000 GPM depending on diffuser depth

• Elimination of thermal stratification

• Increased dissolved oxygen levels that stimulate the natural aerobic digestion process thus reducing nutrient levels and associated algal growth

• Elimination of oxygen related fish kills and expansion of the oxygenated habitat and ecosystem

• Reduction of mosquito and aquatic midge infestations

• Elimination of foul odors from undesirable gases

• Reduction of organic bottom sediment

• Preservation of a healthy aquatic ecosystem and an aesthetically pleasing aquascape to view and enjoy through improved water quality

Super Sink Tubing

• Flexible, will not crack or kink even in cold temperatures

• Self-weighted for easy installation and quick sinking

• 2 sizes available, in 100' coils; 1/2" and 1/2” and 5/8”, ½”: 0.5" ID x 1.06" OD, 5/8": .63" ID x 1.15" OD

• Utilizes PVC insert fittings for quick connections

• 15 year warranty

Remote Manifold

Eliminates the need for multiple, more expensive air lines to run in ground and over long distances when the AquaAir® Compressor is located far from the water’s edge. Supplied with or without the inground junction box.


Single Diffuser

Dual Diffuser

Quad Diffuser


• ⅓ HP Single Piston Compressor, 120V & 240V Single Phase
• ½ HP Dual Piston Compressor, 120V & 240V Single Phase
• ¾ HP & 1 HP Rotary Vane Compressors, 120V & 240V Single Phase
• Thermal overload motor protection
• 3 Year Warranty on Compressors


Compressor Enclosuers
• Heavy-duty cooling fan circulates air around compressor
• Stainless steel hasp latch with Padlock included
• Stainless steel cover and hardware
• Ease of internal accessibility
• Limited lifetime warranty (cooling fan 3 year warranty)
• Outside Dimensions including overhang of cover
AAU 1-3 – 17 L x 15 W x 16.25 H
AAU 4-6 – 21 L x 17 W x 16.25 H
• Outside Dimensions including overhang of cover & external manifold housing
AAU 7-12 – 28.75 L x 24.13 W x 18 H

Compressor & Cooling Fan :

 - 3 year warranty parts and labor 


**Vanes & Pistons are considered “Wear Items” and are not covered
under the factory warranty, consult factory for assistance


Enclosure : 
      - Limited Lifetime Warranty

All other Components :  
     -5 Year parts and labor


*Base Mounted AquaAir® units without enclosure are not UL or cUL Listed: 
     - 1 Year Warranty




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